Zimbabwe - Money Supply M3

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Zimbabwe Latest Reference
Money Supply M3
Money Supply M2

Zimbabwe Money Supply M3 latest value is 7075543.00 USD Thousands. Forecast: 6666768.3534 USD Thousands.
Zimbabwe Money Supply M2 was last reported at 7004488.00 USD Thousands. Forecast: 6556238.2667 USD Thousands.
Money Supply M3 in Zimbabwe grew to 7075543.00 USD Thousands from 6564026.00 USD Thousands and Money Supply M2 went up to 7004488.00 USD Thousands from 6497743.00 USD Thousands in Jul 2017.

Money Supply M3 in Zimbabwe all-time average stands at 3582529.31 USD Thousands and it's projection for Aug 2017 is 6666768.35. Money Supply M2 averaged 3094078.38 USD Thousands and is projected to be 6556238.27 in Aug 2017.