Wh Yangtze Comm Ind - Forecast

18.44 CH 10/17/2018
21.29532 CH 11/30/2018

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Wh Yangtze Comm Ind
India Inflation Rate
India GDP Growth Rate
India Unemployment Rate
India Interest Rate
Ie Rating
India IE Credit Rating
Yield Curve
India Yield Curve

India Inflation Rate latest value is 3.77 percent. Source: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI). 2012=100. Forecast: 3.9 percent.
India GDP Growth Rate was last reported at 1.90 percent. Source: OECD. Forecast: 1.8 percent.
India Unemployment Rate stands at 3.52 percent. Source: International Labour Organization (ILO). Forecast: 3.5 percent.
India Interest Rate latest value is 6.50 percent. Source: Reserve Bank of India. Forecast: 6.5 percent.
India IE Credit Rating was last reported at 56 Points. It ranks as the world's 63rd highest recorded credit rating.
Wh Yangtze Comm Ind is forecast to go up to 21.29532 CH in 11/30/2018.