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United States
Euro Area

United States Average Hourly Wages latest value is 22 USD/Hour, it is ranked as the 10th world's highest wages. Source: u.s. bureau of labor statistics. Forecast: 22 USD/Hour.
Euro Area Average Monthly Wage Per Person was last reported at 1681 EUR/Month. It ranks as the world's 24th highest recorded wages. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 1686 EUR/Month.
China Average Yearly Wages stands at 67569 Cny/Year and is the 42nd highest wages. Source: mohrss, china. Forecast: -9309079302 Cny/Year.
Japan Average Monthly Wages latest value is 308.07 JPY Thousand/Month, it is ranked as the world's lowest wages. Source: ministry of health, labour and welfare, japan. Forecast: 467.42 JPY Thousand/Month.
Germany Average Gross Monthly Earnings was last reported at 3745 EUR/Month. It ranks as the world's 8th highest recorded wages. Source: statistisches bundesamt. Forecast: 3604 EUR/Month.