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United Kingdom Latest Reference

United Kingdom Exports stands at 54378.00 GBP Million and is the 58th lowest exports. Source: Office for National Statistics. Forecast: 51773.5792 GBP Million.
United Kingdom Imports latest value is 54489.00 GBP Million, it is ranked as the 39th world's lowest imports. Source: Office for National Statistics. Forecast: 54610.5694 GBP Million.
Exports in the United Kingdom grew to 54378.00 GBP Million from 53334.00 GBP Million and Imports went up to 54489.00 GBP Million from 54276.00 GBP Million in Jun 2018.

Exports all-time average stands at 23857.81 GBP Million and it's projection for Jun 2018 is 51773.58. Imports averaged 25245.42 GBP Million since Mar 1955 and is projected to be 54610.57 in Jun 2018.