Countries With Highest Tourist Arrivals - Top 5 World

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Tourist Arrivals Latest Reference
United States
Hong Kong

Morocco Tourist Arrivals stands at 11349347.00. Source: Ministry of Tourism, Morocco. Forecast: 11509900.
United States Tourist Arrivals latest value is 6145476.00. Source: Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. Forecast: 6145600.
Turkey Tourist Arrivals was last reported at 5671801.00. Source: Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey. NSA. Forecast: 5411600.
Hong Kong Visitor Arrivals stands at 5461222.00. Source: Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong. Forecast: 5178900.
Portugal Overnight Stays in Hotels - Foreigners latest value is 4669325.00. Source: National Institute of Statistics (INE). Forecast: 3788400.
The country with highest Tourist Arrivals is Morocco followed by the United States in the second position and Turkey in the third.