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Tourist Arrivals Latest Reference
United States
United Kingdom

United States Tourist Arrivals was last reported at 6507601 -. Source: office of travel and tourism industries. Forecast: 5543819 -.
China Tourist Arrivals stands at 128.5 Tens Of Thousands. Source: national bureau of statistics, china. Forecast: 172.5 Tens Of Thousands.
Japan Tourist Arrivals latest value is 2346500 -. Source: japan national tourist organization. Forecast: 2033288 -.
Germany Tourist Arrivals was last reported at 35555 Thousand. Source: destatis. Forecast: 36298 Thousand.
France Tourist Arrivals stands at 84500 Thousand. Source: dgcis, france. Forecast: 84524 Thousand.
United Kingdom Tourist Arrivals latest value is 3520 Thousand. Source: office for national statistics. Forecast: 3077 Thousand.
Tourist Arrivals in the United States fell to 6507601 in Sep 2016 from 7674983 in Jul 2016. China Tourist Arrivals went down to 128.5 Tens Of Thousands in Feb 2016 from 161 Tens Of Thousands in Jan 2016. Tourist Arrivals in Japan rose to 2346500 in Jun 2017 from 2009500 in Mar 2016. Tourist Arrivals in Germany grew to 35555 Thousand in 2016 from 33005 Thousand in 2014. France Tourist Arrivals went up to 84500 Thousand in 2015 from 83800 Thousand in 2014. Tourist Arrivals in the United Kingdom rose to 3520 Thousand in May 2017 from 2850 Thousand in Jan 2017.