Countries With Lowest Total Vehicle Sales - Bottom 5 World

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Total Vehicle Sales Latest Reference
United States

United States Total Vehicle Sales latest value is 16.72 Million. Source: Autodata Corporation. Volume, SA. Forecast: 16.8878 Million.
Philippines Total Vehicle Sales stands at 6975.00. Source: Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines (CAMPI). Forecast: 8094.2884.
Colombia Total Private Cars Sales stands at 11076.00 Cars. Source: Dane, Colombia. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 11457.8063 Cars.
Chile New Car Sales stands at 31285.00. Source: Asociación National Automotriz de Chile, ANAC. Forecast: 33011.2974.
Turkey Total Vehicle Sales stands at 34346.00. Source: Turkish Auto Distributors Association. NSA. Forecast: 57453.6035.
The country with lowest Total Vehicle Sales is Colombia (11076.00 Cars in Jul 2018) followed by the United States (16.72 Million in Aug 2018) in the second position and Chile (31285.00 undefined in Jul 2018) in the third.