Countries With Highest Total Vehicle Sales - Top 5 World

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Total Vehicle Sales Latest Reference

China Total Vehicle Sales was last reported at 2709100.00. Source: China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. NSA. Forecast: 2408874.3228.
Brazil Total Vehicle Sales stands at 168016.00. Source: Banco Central do Brasil. NSA. Forecast: 162930.1707.
Russia Total Vehicle Sales latest value is 148371.00. Source: Association of European Businesses. Forecast: 145803.1558.
Australia New Motor Vehicles Sales was last reported at 98882.00. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Volume, SA. Forecast: 99936.5647.
Spain New Car Sales latest value is 83291.00. Source: ANFAC - Asociacion Espanola de Fabricantes de Automoviles y Camiones. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 98979.4062.
The country with highest Total Vehicle Sales is China followed by Brazil in the second position and Russia in the third.