Countries With Highest GDP Growth Rate - Top 5 World

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GDP Growth Rate Latest Reference
GDP Annual Growth Rate

Bangladesh GDP Annual Growth Rate stands at 7.30 percent and is the 7th highest gdp annual growth rate. Source: Bangladesh Bank. Forecast: 7 percent.
Vietnam GDP Growth Rate latest value is 6.88 percent, it is ranked as the 3rd world's highest gdp growth rate. Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam. Forecast: 7.2 percent.
Venezuela GDP Growth Rate was last reported at 6.80 percent. It ranks as the world's 4th highest recorded gdp growth rate. Source: Banco Central De Venezuela. Forecast: 0.6 percent.
Mongolia GDP Growth Rate YoY stands at 6.10 percent and is the 5th highest gdp growth rate. Source: National Statistical Office of Mongolia. Forecast: 7.1 percent.
The country with highest GDP Growth Rate is Bolivia followed by Bangladesh in the second position and Vietnam in the third.