Countries With Highest Inflation Expectations - Top 5 World

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Inflation Expectations Latest Reference
United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand

Australia Inflation Expectations was last reported at 3.70 percent. Source: Melbourne Institute. NSA. Forecast: 3.8545 percent.
United Kingdom Inflation Expectations stands at 2.90 percent. Source: Bank of England. NSA. Forecast: 2.8622 percent.
United States Consumer Inflation Expectations latest value is 2.83 percent. Source: Federal Reserve Bank of New York. NSA. Forecast: 2.7601 percent.
Sweden Consumer Inflation Expectations was last reported at 2.80 percent. Source: National Institute of Economic Research, Sweden. Forecast: 2.8149 percent.
New Zealand Business Inflation Expectations stands at 2.10 percent. Source: Reserve Bank of New Zealand. NSA. Forecast: 2.1688 percent.
The country with highest Inflation Expectations is Australia followed by the United Kingdom in the second position and the United States in the third.