Countries With Highest Wage Growth - Top 10 World

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Wage Growth Latest Reference
Czech Republic

Ukraine Average Monthly Wages YoY was last reported at 38.35 percent. Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine. NSA. Forecast: 37.8082 percent.
Belarus Wage Growth stands at 16.34 percent. Source: National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus. Forecast: 17.7302 percent.
Hungary Gross Average Wages Growth latest value is 12.80 percent. Source: Hungarian Central Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 12.8179 percent.
Norway Wages in Manufacturing YoY was last reported at 8.67 percent. Source: Statistics Norway. NSA. Forecast: 7.0277 percent.
Poland Corporative Sector Wages Growth stands at 7.30 percent. Source: Central Statistical Office, Poland. NSA. Forecast: 6.972 percent.
Estonia Wage Growth latest value is 6.80 percent. Source: Statistics Estonia. NSA. Forecast: 7.1839 percent.
Iceland Real Wage Growth was last reported at 6.00 percent. Source: Statistics Iceland. 2000=100, NSA. Forecast: 5.9551 percent.
Russia Real Wage Growth stands at 5.40 percent. Source: Federal State Statistics Service. Forecast: 5.8369 percent.
Portugal Wage Growth in Service Sector latest value is 4.90 percent. Source: Statistics Portugal. NSA. Forecast: 4.2974 percent.
Czech Republic Real Wage Growth was last reported at 4.20 percent. Source: Czech Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 4.2482 percent.
The country with highest Wage Growth is Ukraine followed by Belarus in the second position and Hungary in the third.