Countries With Highest Terms Of Trade - Top 10 World

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Terms Of Trade Latest Reference
Burkina Faso
New Zealand

New Zealand Terms of Trade latest value is 1452.00 Index Points. Source: Statistics New Zealand. NSA, 2002Q2=1000. Forecast: 1461.9131 Index Points.
Burkina Faso Terms Of Trade was last reported at 336.40 index points. Source: Institut National de la Statistique et de la Demographie, Burkina Faso. Forecast: 227.6086 index points.
Burundi Terms Of Trade stands at 147.73 Index Points. Source: Institut de Statistiques et d’Etudes Economiques du Burundi. 2013=100.
Nepal Terms Of Trade latest value is 147.30 Index Points. Forecast: 149.3942 Index Points.
Colombia Terms Of Trade was last reported at 142.36 Index Points. Source: Banco de la República de Colombia. NSA, 2000=100. Forecast: 134.0223 Index Points.
Argentina Terms of Trade stands at 138.20 Index Points. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos (INDEC). NSA, 2004=100 . Forecast: 134.6305 Index Points.
Namibia Terms Of Trade latest value is 136.20 Index Points. Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Namibia. 2010=100. Forecast: 144.7154 Index Points.
Uganda Terms of Trade was last reported at 125.23 Index Points. Source: Bank of Uganda. 2005=100, NSA. Forecast: 138.1877 Index Points.
Senegal Terms Of Trade stands at 125.10 Index Points. Source: ANSD, Senegal. 2005=100, NSA.
Seychelles Terms Of Trade latest value is 115.42 Index Points. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles. Forecast: 115.9748 Index Points.
The country with highest Terms Of Trade is New Zealand followed by Burkina Faso in the second position and Burundi in the third.