Countries With Highest Remittances - Top 10 World

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Remittances Latest Reference
Saudi Arabia

Philippines Remittances was last reported at 2476000.00 USD Thousand. Source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 2386763.2893 USD Thousand.
Georgia Remittances stands at 389221.00 USD Thousands. Source: National Bank of Georgia. Forecast: 399956.1205 USD Thousands.
Kenya Remittances latest value is 266186.58 USD Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Kenya. NSA. Forecast: 265529.3134 USD Thousand.
Montenegro Remittances was last reported at 60539.25 EUR Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Montenegro. Forecast: 53134.6795 EUR Thousand.
Saudi Arabia Remittances stands at 32128.00 SAR Million. Source: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 31996.0158 SAR Million.
Suriname Remittances latest value is 15725.73 USD Million. Source: Inter-American Development Bank. Forecast: 15925.512 USD Million.
India Remittances was last reported at 12638.86 USD Million. Source: Reserve Bank of India. NSA. Forecast: 12572.5382 USD Million.
Thailand Remittances stands at 12328.00 THB Billion. Source: Bank of Thailand. Forecast: 12122.8554 THB Billion.
Mexico Remittances latest value is 9057.60 USD Million. Source: Banco de México. Forecast: 7525.1474 USD Million.
Guatemala Remittances was last reported at 8192.20 USD Million. Source: Bank of Guatemala. Forecast: 9065.6531 USD Million.
The country with highest Remittances is Philippines followed by Georgia in the second position and Kenya in the third.