Countries With Highest Remittances - Top 10 World

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Remittances Latest Reference
Dominican Republic

Philippines Remittances stands at 2310000.00 USD Thousand. Source: Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 2391874.1709 USD Thousand.
Georgia Remittances latest value is 319249.00 USD Thousands. Source: National Bank of Georgia. Forecast: 286250 USD Thousands.
Kenya Remittances was last reported at 138604.00 USD Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Kenya. NSA. Forecast: 138879 USD Thousand.
Suriname Remittances stands at 15725.73 USD Million. Source: Inter-American Development Bank. Forecast: 16003.7979 USD Million.
Thailand Remittances latest value is 10732.00 THB Billion. Source: Bank of Thailand. Forecast: 11104 THB Billion.
India Remittances was last reported at 9533.93 USD Million. Source: Reserve Bank of India. NSA. Forecast: 9057.87 USD Million.
Mexico Remittances stands at 6639.60 USD Million. Source: Banco de México. Forecast: 7068.5 USD Million.
Guatemala Remittances latest value is 6460.60 USD Million. Source: Bank of Guatemala. Forecast: 6903.1 USD Million.
Russia Remittances was last reported at 5410.00 USD Million. Source: The Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Forecast: 5169 USD Million.
Dominican Republic Remittances stands at 4960.60 USD Million. Source: Inter-American Development Bank. Forecast: 4742 USD Million.
The country with highest Remittances is Philippines followed by Georgia in the second position and Kenya in the third.