Countries With Highest Loan Growth - Top 10 World

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Loan Growth Latest Reference

India Bank Loan Growth was last reported at 12.80 percent. Source: Reserve Bank of India. Forecast: 12.6372 percent.
China Outstanding Yuan Loan Growth stands at 12.70 percent. Source: People's Bank of China. Forecast: 12.7349 percent.
Indonesia Loan Growth latest value is 10.26 percent. Source: Bank Indonesia. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 10.4289 percent.
Bahrain Loan Growth was last reported at 9.10 percent. Source: Central Bank of Bahrain. Forecast: 8.7738 percent.
Sweden Household Lending Growth stands at 6.60 percent. Source: Statistics Sweden. Forecast: 6.5273 percent.
Norway Credit Indicator latest value is 6.00 percent. Source: Norges Bank. NSA. Forecast: 6.0343 percent.
France Loan Growth YoY was last reported at 5.64 percent. Source: Banque de France. NSA. Forecast: 5.5274 percent.
Taiwan Loan Growth stands at 5.55 percent. Source: Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Forecast: 5.6487 percent.
Oman Credit Growth at Conventional Banks latest value is 4.90 percent. Source: Central Bank of Oman. Forecast: 6.4651 percent.
Qatar Loan Growth was last reported at 4.40 percent. Source: Qatar Central Bank. NSA. Forecast: 4.6701 percent.
The country with highest Loan Growth is India followed by China in the second position and Indonesia in the third.