Countries With Highest Labour Costs - Top 10 World

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Labour Costs Latest Reference
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
South Korea

New Zealand Labour Costs was last reported at 1146.00 Index Points. Source: Statistics New Zealand. NSA, 2009Q2=1000. Forecast: 1150.5607 Index Points.
Turkey Hourly Labour Costs stands at 232.11 Index Points. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. NSA, 2010=100. Forecast: 240.0233 Index Points.
South Korea Labour Costs latest value is 148.10 Index Points. Source: Korea Productivity Center. NSA, 2010=100 . Forecast: 129.8772 Index Points.
South Africa Labour Costs was last reported at 145.30 Index Points. Source: South African Reserve Bank. SA, 2000=100. Forecast: 147.4505 Index Points.
Hong Kong Labour Costs stands at 141.70 Index Points. Source: IMF. NSA, 2000=100. Forecast: 151.3278 Index Points.
Bulgaria Labour Costs latest value is 135.82 Index Points. Source: European Central Bank. 2010=100, NSA. Forecast: 115.8493 Index Points.
Lithuania Labour Costs was last reported at 135.10 Index Points. Source: Statistics Lithuania. SA. Forecast: 137.4994 Index Points.
Norway Labour Costs stands at 129.90 Index Points. Source: Eurostat. NSA, 2010=100. Forecast: 126.3145 Index Points.
Mauritius Labour Costs latest value is 129.70 Index Points. Source: Central Statistics Office, Mauritius. NSA, 2007=100. Forecast: 127.5094 Index Points.
Brazil Labour Costs was last reported at 129.29 Index Points. Source: Banco Central Do Brasil. NSA, 1994M6=100. Forecast: 125.782 Index Points.
The country with highest Labour Costs is New Zealand followed by Turkey in the second position and South Korea in the third.