Countries With Highest Job Vacancies - Top 10 World

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Job Vacancies Latest Reference
Hong Kong
Czech Republic

China Job Vacancies stands at 4337000.00. Source: Mohrss, China. NSA. Forecast: 5496623.6101.
Canada Job Vacancies was last reported at 462280.00. Source: Statistics Canada. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 459072.2789.
Czech Republic Job Vacancies latest value is 309996.00. Source: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 285569.7392.
Malaysia Job Vacancies stands at 246628.00. Source: Central Bank of Malaysia. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 357892.339.
Philippines Job Vacancies latest value is 199942.00. Source: Philippine National Statistical Coordination Board. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 187317.6751.
Belgium Job Vacancies was last reported at 140685.00. Source: Eurostat. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 148503.3354.
Israel Job Vacancies stands at 110856.00. Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 104315.3783.
Hungary Job Vacancies latest value is 79428.00. Source: Hungarian Central Statistical Office. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 84060.7651.
Austria Job Vacancies was last reported at 79099.00. Source: Arbeitsmarktservice Oesterreich. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 79571.8689.
Hong Kong Job Vacancies stands at 76875.00. Source: Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 75595.0228.
The country with highest Job Vacancies is China followed by Canada in the second position and Czech Republic in the third.