Countries With Highest Industrial Production - Top 10 World

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Industrial Production Latest Reference

Malawi Industrial Production stands at 38.57 percent. Source: National Statistical Office of Malawi. Forecast: 1.7071 percent.
Montenegro Industrial Production latest value is 35.80 percent. Source: Statistical Office of Montenegro. 2015=100, NSA. Forecast: 12.7621 percent.
Philippines Manufacturing Production was last reported at 31.70 percent. Source: Phillipine Statistics Authority. Forecast: 22.9614 percent.
Uruguay Industrial Production stands at 22.70 percent. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Uruguay. Forecast: 21.265 percent.
Nicaragua Industrial Production latest value is 15.40 percent. Source: Banco Central de Nicaragua. Forecast: 2.9334 percent.
Guinea Industrial Production was last reported at 14.10 percent. Source: Institut National de la Statistique de Guinée. Forecast: 19.903 percent.
Georgia Industrial Production stands at 13.50 percent. Source: National Statistics Office of Georgia. Forecast: 15.5408 percent.
Moldova Industrial Production latest value is 13.30 percent. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova. Forecast: 10.0523 percent.
Tajikistan Industrial Production was last reported at 13.10 percent. Source: National Bank of Tajikistan. Forecast: 12.7521 percent.
Israel Industrial Production stands at 12.40 percent. Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel. NSA. Forecast: 6.3219 percent.
The country with highest Industrial Production is Malawi followed by Montenegro in the second position and Philippines in the third.