Countries With Highest GDP Deflator - Top 10 World

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GDP Deflator Latest Reference
New Zealand

Argentina GDP Deflator stands at 1887.00 Index Points. Source: Mecon, Argentina. 2004=100, NSA. Forecast: 2003.5746 Index Points.
New Zealand GDP Deflator latest value is 1183.00 Index Points. Source: Statistics New Zealand. Seasonally Adjusted. Forecast: 1184.738 Index Points.
China GDP Deflator was last reported at 630.75 Index Points. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China. 1978=100. Forecast: 633.9508 Index Points.
Pakistan GDP Deflator stands at 262.55 Index Points. Source: State Bank of Pakistan. Forecast: 261.235 Index Points.
Afghanistan Gdp Deflator latest value is 262.40 Index Points. Source: Central Statistics Organization of Afghanistan. 2002=100. Forecast: 273.656 Index Points.
Uruguay GDP Deflator was last reported at 254.52 Index Points. Source: Banco Central del Uruguay. 2005=100, NSA. Forecast: 258.5918 Index Points.
Jordan Gdp Deflator stands at 239.60 Index Points. Source: Department of Statistics, Jordan. 1994=100, NSA. Forecast: 240.4713 Index Points.
Bangladesh GDP Deflator latest value is 219.37 Index Points. Source: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Forecast: 217.4919 Index Points.
Libya GDP Deflator was last reported at 211.10 Index Points. Source: Central Bank of Libya. Forecast: 174.8094 Index Points.
Nigeria GDP Deflator stands at 185.15 Index Points. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria. 2010=100, NSA. Forecast: 184.5473 Index Points.
The country with highest GDP Deflator is Argentina followed by New Zealand in the second position and China in the third.