Countries With Highest Foreign Direct Investment - Top 10 World

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Foreign Direct Investment Latest Reference
United States
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
Czech Republic

South Korea Foreign Direct Investment stands at 3448981.00 USD Thousand. Source: Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 7649720.8001 USD Thousand.
Switzerland Foreign Direct Investment latest value is 965478.00 CHF Million. Source: Swiss National Bank (SNB). Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 1055354.4298 CHF Million.
Montenegro Foreign Direct Investment - Total Inflow was last reported at 659232.90 EUR Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Montenegro. Forecast: 882807.6027 EUR Thousand.
Poland Foreign Direct Investment stands at 199053.00 EUR Million. Source: National Bank of Poland. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 197228.1943 EUR Million.
Czech Republic Foreign Direct Investment latest value is 173269.05 CZK Million. Source: Czech National Bank. Forecast: -141064.6808 CZK Million.
Kenya Foreign Direct Investment - Net Flows was last reported at 89928.00 KES Million. Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Forecast: 55044.071 KES Million.
Finland Foreign Direct Investment stands at 76591.00 EUR Million. Source: Statistics Finland. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 73215.166 EUR Million.
Australia Foreign Direct Investment latest value is 60499.00 AUD Million. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 52664.9316 AUD Million.
United States Foreign Direct Investment was last reported at 47253.00 USD Million. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 46711.7513 USD Million.
United Arab Emirates Foreign Direct Investment stands at 38000.00 AED Million. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, UAE. Forecast: 33467.9986 AED Million.
The country with highest Foreign Direct Investment is South Korea followed by Switzerland in the second position and Montenegro in the third.