Countries With Highest Foreign Direct Investment - Top 10 World

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Foreign Direct Investment Latest Reference
South Korea
United States

South Korea Foreign Direct Investment was last reported at 5745000.00 USD Thousand. Source: Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Forecast: 4443594.4647 USD Thousand.
Switzerland Foreign Direct Investment stands at 833192.60 CHF Million. Source: Swiss National Bank (SNB). Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 882613.5 CHF Million.
Montenegro Foreign Direct Investment - Total Inflow latest value is 757435.19 EUR Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Montenegro. Forecast: 646124.52 EUR Thousand.
Poland Foreign Direct Investment was last reported at 167091.00 EUR Million. Source: National Bank of Poland. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 153006.2 EUR Million.
Kenya Foreign Direct Investment - Net Flows stands at 89928.00 KES Million. Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Forecast: 71336 KES Million.
Netherlands Foreign Direct Investment - Net Inflows latest value is 84137.00 EUR Million. Source: De Nederlandsche Bank. Forecast: 36545 EUR Million.
Finland Foreign Direct Investment was last reported at 74154.00 EUR Million. Source: Statistics Finland. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 73217 EUR Million.
Australia Foreign Direct Investment stands at 64825.00 AUD Million. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 44882 AUD Million.
Sweden Foreign Direct Investment latest value is 37914.00 SEK Million. Source: Sveriges Riksbank. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 11343 SEK Million.
United States Foreign Direct Investment was last reported at 37539.00 USD Million. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 37697 USD Million.
The country with highest economic is South Korea followed by Switzerland in the second position and Montenegro in the third.