Countries With Highest Economic Optimism Index - Top 10 World

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Economic Optimism Index Latest Reference
Euro Area
European Union
United States

Israel Composite State-of-the-Economy Index was last reported at 123.00 Index Points. Source: Bank of Israel. 2011=100, NSA. Forecast: 123.8 Index Points.
European Union Economic Sentiment Indicator stands at 111.30. Source: European Commission. Forecast: 111.5.
Euro Area Economic Sentiment Indicator latest value is 111.10. Source: European Commission. SA. Forecast: 112.
Latvia Economic Sentiment Indicator was last reported at 106.70. Source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. SA. Forecast: 107.1.
Slovakia Economic Optimism Index stands at 102.30 Index points. Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Forecast: 101.7 Index points.
Turkey Economic Confidence Index latest value is 98.90 Index points. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. Forecast: 97.8 Index points.
United States IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index was last reported at 50.20. Source: Technometrica Market Intelligence/The Investor's Business Daily. Forecast: 50.
The country with highest Economic Optimism Index is Israel followed by European Union in the second position and the Euro Area in the third.