Countries With Highest Copper Production - Top 10 World

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Copper Production Latest Reference

Indonesia Copper Production was last reported at 218520.00 Tonnes. Source: Statistics Indonesia. Forecast: 218635.4876 Tonnes.
Peru Copper Production stands at 207160.52 Tonnes. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI). Forecast: 198012.9048 Tonnes.
Kazakhstan Copper Production latest value is 39220.00 Tonnes. Source: Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Forecast: 36220.9294 Tonnes.
Chile Copper Production was last reported at 484.10 Thousands of Tonnes. Source: National Institute of Statistics, Chile. Forecast: 483.5263 Thousands of Tonnes.
The country with highest Copper Production is Indonesia followed by Peru in the second position and Kazakhstan in the third.