Countries With Highest Consumer Spending - Top 10 World

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Consumer Spending Latest Reference
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jordan Consumer Spending stands at 11440066275.00 JOD. Source: SESRIC. Constant Prices 2005, NSA.
Yemen Consumer Spending latest value is 10318139762.49 USD. Source: SESRIC.
Turkey Consumer Spending was last reported at 246505184.00 TRY THO. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. Constant Prices 2009, NSA. Forecast: 244442393.0234 TRY THO.
Uruguay Consumer Spending stands at 128586983.61 UYU Thousand. Source: Banco Central del Uruguay. Constant Prices, NSA. Forecast: 129639347.2426 UYU Thousand.
Lebanon Consumer Spending latest value is 44444718.94 LBP Million. Source: SESRIC. Forecast: 43864876.8864 LBP Million.
Moldova Consumer Spending was last reported at 30385225.00 MDL Thousand. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 33202904.7607 MDL Thousand.
Paraguay Consumer Spending stands at 26254360.00 PYG Million. Source: Banco Central del Paraguay. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 27721031.8078 PYG Million.
Bosnia And Herzegovina Consumer Spending latest value is 23552936.00 BAM THO. Source: Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Statistics (BHAS). Forecast: 23606565.782 BAM THO.
Uzbekistan Consumer Spending was last reported at 19098243.28 UZS Million. Source: SESRIC. Forecast: 19755581.9272 UZS Million.
Nigeria Consumer Spending stands at 11517019.95 NGN Million. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria. Constant Prices 2010. Forecast: 11480305.2107 NGN Million.
The country with highest Consumer Spending is Jordan followed by Yemen in the second position and Turkey in the third.