Countries With Highest Coincident Index - Top 10 World

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Coincident Index Latest Reference
South Africa
South Korea

Lebanon Coincident Index stands at 298.00 Index Points. Source: Banque du Liban. Forecast: 304.1838 Index Points.
Malaysia Coincident Index latest value is 133.70 Index Points. Source: Department of Statistics, Malaysia. 2005=100. Forecast: 133.8269 Index Points.
Thailand Coincident Index was last reported at 129.72 Index Points. Source: Bank of Thailand. 2000=100. Forecast: 129.6536 Index Points.
Japan Coincident Index stands at 116.30. Source: Cabinet Office, Japan. Forecast: 117.3724.
Taiwan Coincident Index latest value is 110.70 Index Points. Source: National Development Council (NDC), Taiwan. Forecast: 107.4895 Index Points.
South Korea Coincident Index was last reported at 109.10 Index Points. Source: Statistics Korea (KOSTAT). NSA, 2015=100. Forecast: 109.4544 Index Points.
South Africa SACCI Business Confidence Index stands at 94.70 Index Points. Source: SACCI - South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 2015=100, NSA. Forecast: 93.9066 Index Points.
The country with highest Coincident Index is Lebanon followed by Malaysia in the second position and Thailand in the third.