Countries With Highest Building Permits - Top 10 World

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Building Permits Latest Reference
Czech Republic

Canada Value of Building Permits was last reported at 7740180.00 CAD Thousand. Source: Statistics Canada. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 7941254 CAD Thousand.
Turkey Dwelling Permits stands at 93930.00. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. NSA. Forecast: 91261.
Poland Residential Building Permits latest value is 56555.00. Source: Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS). NSA, CMVL. Forecast: 58595.3908.
France Housing Permits was last reported at 41600.00. Source: Ministere de l'Ecologie du Developpement et de l'Amenagement Durables, France. NSA. Forecast: 43176.
Germany Building Permits for New Dwellings latest value is 26682.00. Source: Federal Statistical Office. Forecast: 26784.
Kenya Value of Building Permits was last reported at 21632.62 KSH Million. Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Forecast: 22730.3637 KSH Million.
Austria Building Permits stands at 14360.00. Source: Statistics Austria. NSA. Forecast: 15398.
Czech Republic Building Permits latest value is 6659.00 units. Source: Czech Statistical Office. Forecast: 6986 units.
Netherlands Building Permits for New Houses was last reported at 6082.00. Source: Statistics Netherlands. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 5350.
The country with highest Building Permits is Canada followed by Turkey in the second position and Poland in the third.