Toc Co., - Forecast

778 Y 10/19/2018
820.72778 Y 11/30/2018

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Toc Co.,
Colombia GDP Growth Rate
Colombia Inflation Rate
Colombia Interest Rate
Colombia Unemployment Rate
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Colombia IE Credit Rating
Yield Curve
Colombia Yield Curve

Toc Co., stands at 778 Y. Forecast: 820.72778 Y.
Colombia GDP Growth Rate latest value is 0.60 percent. Source: Dane, Colombia. Forecast: 0.8 percent.
Colombia Inflation Rate was last reported at 3.23 percent. Source: Dane, Colombia. 2008=100. Forecast: 3.3 percent.
Colombia Interest Rate stands at 4.25 percent. Source: Banco de la República de Colombia. Forecast: 4.25 percent.
Colombia Unemployment Rate latest value is 9.20 percent. Source: Dane, Colombia. Forecast: 9.4 percent.
Colombia IE Credit Rating was last reported at 58 Points. It ranks as the world's 57th highest recorded credit rating.
Toc Co., is forecast to go up to 820.72778 Y in 11/30/2018.