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GDP Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
Interest Rate
Unemployment Rate

Senegal GDP latest value is 14.77 USD Billion. Source: World Bank. Current USD.
Senegal GDP Growth Rate was last reported at 3.70 percent. Source: ANSD, Senegal.
Senegal Inflation Rate stands at 0.40 percent. Source: ANSD, Senegal. 2008=100.
Senegal Interest Rate latest value is 4.50 percent. Source: Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO).
Senegal Unemployment Rate was last reported at 12.50 percent. Source: ANSD, Senegal.
GDP in Senegal grew to 14.77 USD Billion from 13.61 USD Billion. GDP Growth Rate went up to 3.70 percent from -10.30 percent in Q1 2017. Inflation Rate declined to 0.40 percent (previously reported at 0.60 percent). Interest Rate was last registered at 4.50 percent in 10/31/2017 and Unemployment Rate went down to 12.50 percent from 22.70 percent in Q1 2017.

GDP in Senegal all-time average stands at 5.31 USD Billion and it's projection for 2017 is 15.1. GDP Growth Rate averaged 1.72 percent since Q2 2010 and is projected to be -4.5 in Q3 2017. Inflation Rate is forecasted to be 0.6 in Oct 2017. The Interest Rate all-time average stands at 3.87 percent and it's projection for 10/31/2017 is 4.5. Unemployment Rate averaged 13.78 percent since Q4 1994 and is projected to be 12 in Q3 2017.