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Interest Rate in Russia was last registered at 10.00 percent in 02/03/2017. Inflation Rate went down to 4.60 percent from 5.00 percent in Jan 2017. GDP Growth Rate rose to -0.57 percent (previously reported at -1.31 percent). Unemployment Rate was last registered at 5.60 percent in Feb 2017 and IE Rating went down to 51 Points from 61 Points.

Interest Rate in Russia all-time average stands at 7.23 percent and it's projection for 02/28/2017 is 10.02. Inflation Rate averaged 131.39 percent since Dec 1991 and is projected to be 5.25 in Feb 2017. GDP Growth Rate is forecasted to be -0.57 in Q3 2015. The Unemployment Rate all-time average stands at 7.75 percent and it's projection for Feb 2017 is 5.69.