Ripley Corp - Forecast

620 CE 09/14/2018
580.95274 CE 09/30/2018

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Ripley Corp
Saudi Arabia Inflation Rate
Saudi Arabia GDP Growth Rate
Saudi Arabia Interest Rate
Saudi Arabia Unemployment Rate
Saudi Arabia GDP

Ripley Corp was last reported at 620 CE. Forecast: 580.95274 CE.
Saudi Arabia Inflation Rate stands at 2.20 percent. Source: Central Department of Statistics & Information, Saudi Arabia. 2007=100. Forecast: 2.1 percent.
Saudi Arabia GDP Growth Rate latest value is -0.05 percent. Forecast: -0.3 percent.
Saudi Arabia Interest Rate was last reported at 2.50 percent. Source: Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. Forecast: 2.5 percent.
Saudi Arabia GDP latest value is 683.83 USD Billion. Source: World Bank. Current USD. Forecast: 672.1 USD Billion.
Ripley Corp is forecast to go down to 580.95274 CE in 09/30/2018.