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Remittances Latest Reference

France Remittances was last reported at 50 EUR Million. Source: insee, france. Forecast: 39 EUR Million.
Brazil Remittances stands at 214.6 USD Million. Source: inter-american development bank. Forecast: 2346.5 USD Million.
Russia Remittances latest value is 5410 USD Million. Source: the central bank of the russian federation. Forecast: 4240 USD Million.
Italy Remittances was last reported at 160.68 EUR Million. Source: bank of italy. Forecast: 178.62 EUR Million.
India Remittances stands at 9533.93 USD Million. Source: reserve bank of india. Forecast: 8292.92 USD Million.
Spain Remittances latest value is 3208 EUR Million. Source: bank of spain. Forecast: 2226 EUR Million.
Remittances in France grew to 50 EUR Million in Apr 2017 from 39 EUR Million in Nov 2016. Brazil Remittances went down to 214.6 USD Million in 2017 from 1943.9 USD Million in 2013. Remittances in Russia rose to 5410 USD Million in Q4 2016 from 4637 USD Million in Q2 2016. Remittances in Italy fell to 160.68 EUR Million in Q4 2016 from 221 EUR Million in Q3 2015. India Remittances went down to 9533.93 USD Million in Q1 2017 from 10827.88 USD Million in Q3 2015. Remittances in Spain rose to 3208 EUR Million in Q4 2016 from 2624 EUR Million in Q3 2016.