Countries With Lowest Producer Prices - Bottom 5 World

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Producer Prices Latest Reference

Qatar Producer Prices latest value is 70.40 Index Points. Source: Qatar Statistics Authority. 2013=100, NSA. Forecast: 63.1962 Index Points.
Singapore Producer Prices was last reported at 85.90 Index Points. Source: Statistics Singapore. 2012 = 100, NSA. Forecast: 81.1059 Index Points.
Seychelles Producer Prices stands at 92.72 Index Points. Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Seychelles. 2013=100, NSA.
Israel Wholesale Prices latest value is 95.20 Index Points. Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel. 2012=100, NSA. Forecast: 92.6288 Index Points.
Tajikistan Producer Prices was last reported at 99.70 Index Points. Source: State statistical committee of the Republic of Tajikistan. PP=100, NSA. Forecast: 103.566 Index Points.
The country with lowest Producer Prices is Qatar (70.40 Index Points in Jun 2018) followed by Singapore (85.90 Index Points in Jun 2018) in the second position and Seychelles (92.72 Index Points in Jun 2018) in the third.