Countries With Lowest Population - Bottom 5 World

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Population Latest Reference
Faroe Islands
Cayman Islands

Liechtenstein Population stands at 0.04 Million. Source: National Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Forecast: 0.04 Million.
Monaco Population latest value is 0.04 Million. Source: Monaco Statistics. Forecast: 0.04 Million.
Faroe Islands Population was last reported at 0.05 Million. Source: Statistics Faroe Islands. Forecast: 0.05 Million.
Cayman Islands Population stands at 0.06 Million. Source: Cayman Islands - The Economics & Statistics Office. Forecast: 0.06 Million.
Bermuda Population latest value is 0.07 Million. Source: Bermuda Government Department of Statistics. Forecast: 0.065 Million.
The country with lowest Population is Liechtenstein (0.04 Million in 2018) followed by Monaco (0.04 Million in 2017) in the second position and Faroe Islands (0.05 Million in 2018) in the third.