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United States
Euro Area

United States Population was last reported at 324.3 Million. Source: u.s. census bureau. Forecast: 324.0 Million.
Euro Area Population stands at 341.01 Million. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 339.10 Million.
China Population latest value is 1374.62 Million. Source: national bureau of statistics of china. Forecast: 1380.73 Million.
Japan Population was last reported at 126.86 Million. Source: statistics bureau of japan. Forecast: 126.60 Million.
Germany Population stands at 82.8 Million. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 81.6 Million.
France Population latest value is 66.99 Million. Source: insee, france. Forecast: 67.00 Million.
Population in the United States grew to 324.3 Million in 2016 from 322.06 Million in 2015. The Euro Area Population went up to 341.01 Million in 2017 from 337.47 Million in 2014. Population in China rose to 1374.62 Million in 2015 from 1367.82 Million in 2014. Population in Japan fell to 126.86 Million in 2016 from 127.02 Million in 2014. Germany Population went up to 82.8 Million in 2017 from 80.77 Million in 2014. Population in France rose to 66.99 Million in 2017 from 66.38 Million in 2015.