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Inflation Rate
Unemployment Rate
Interest Rate

Pakistan Inflation Rate latest value is 3.97 percent. Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. 2007/2008=100.
Pakistan Unemployment Rate was last reported at 5.90 percent. Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Pakistan Interest Rate stands at 5.75 percent. Source: State Bank of Pakistan.
Inflation Rate in Pakistan is expected to increase to 4.2 percent in 10/31/2017 while in the long term it is predicted to converge to 5.8 percent. Pakistan Unemployment Rate is forecast to go down to 5.8 percent in 10/31/2017. In the long run, Unemployment Rate in Pakistan it is projected to converge to NaN percent. Interest Rate in Pakistan is estimated to stay unchanged at 5.75 percent in 10/31/2017. Pakistan Interest Rate will reach 6.25 percent in the long term.