Gulf Hotels (oman) vs Oman Exports vs Oman GDP vs Oman Population vs Oman Average Precipitation vs Oman Average Temperature

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Gulf Hotels (oman) (GHOS:OM) Gulf Hotels (oman) is down by 9.53% since the beginning of the year. GHOS:OM hit its all-time high of 12.65 in October 29, 2013 and its record low of 3.15 in October 29, 2013. In the past 52-weeks, Gulf Hotels (oman) ranged from 9.495 (2018-06-20) to 10.495 (2018-02-12). Oman Exports (OMAOMANEXPXPORTS:TE) Oman GDP (OMAOMANGDP:TE) Oman Population (OMAOMANPOPLATION:TE) Oman Average Precipitation (OMNPREC:TE) Oman Average Temperature (OMNTEMP:TE)