Morocco GDP Constant Prices - Forecast

239277.20 MAD Million Q3 2017
240382.3316 MAD Million Q4 2017

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Morocco GDP Constant Prices
Morocco GDP
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Morocco GDP Constant Prices stands at 239277.20 MAD Million. Source: Haut Commissariat au Plan. Constant Prices, NSA. Forecast: 240382.3316 MAD Million.
Morocco GDP latest value is 101.45 USD Billion. Source: World Bank. Current USD. Forecast: 100.4 USD Billion.
Morocco GDP Growth Rate was last reported at 3.90 percent. Source: Haut Commissariat au Plan. Forecast: 4.1 percent.
Morocco Producer Prices stands at 107.40 Index Points. Source: Haut Commissariat au Plan. 2010=100, NSA. Forecast: 107.2697 Index Points.
Morocco GDP Constant Prices is forecast to go up to 240382.3316 MAD Million in Q4 2017.