Countries With Highest Mining Production - Top 5 World

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Mining Production Latest Reference
Burkina Faso

Hungary Mining Production was last reported at 74.20 percent. Source: Hungarian Central Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 46.0569 percent.
Montenegro Mining Production stands at 70.60 percent. Source: Statistical Office of Montenegro. Forecast: 64.0913 percent.
Kyrgyzstan Mining Production latest value is 60.20 percent. Source: National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic. Forecast: 51.8813 percent.
Kosovo Mining Production was last reported at 46.20 percent. Source: Kosovo Agency of Statistics. 2012=100, NSA. Forecast: -4.8054 percent.
Burkina Faso Harmonized Mining Production stands at 41.90 percent. Source: INSD - Institut National de la Statistique et de la Demographie. NSA, 2007 = 100. Forecast: 6.4433 percent.
The country with highest Mining Production is Hungary followed by Montenegro in the second position and Kyrgyzstan in the third.