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United States
United Kingdom

United States Federal Minimum Hourly Wage stands at 7.25 USD/Hour. Source: department of labor. Forecast: 7.32 USD/Hour.
China Minimum Monthly Wages latest value is 2300 Cny/Month. Source: ministry of human resources and social security. Forecast: 2129 Cny/Month.
Japan Minimum Hourly Wages was last reported at 823 JPY/Hour. Source: ministry of health, labour and welfare. Forecast: 776 JPY/Hour.
Germany Minimum Wages stands at 8.84 EUR/Hour. Source: destatis. Forecast: 8.50 EUR/Hour.
France Minimum Monthly Wage latest value is 1480.27 EUR/Month. Source: eurostat. Forecast: 1469.93 EUR/Month.
United Kingdom Minimum Hourly Wage was last reported at 7.5 GBP/Hour. Source: department for work and pensions, uk. Forecast: 7.4 GBP/Hour.
Minimum Wages in the United States was last registered at 7.25 USD/Hour in 2017. China Minimum Wages went up to 2300 Cny/Month in 2017 from 2190 Cny/Month in 2016. Minimum Wages in Japan rose to 823 JPY/Hour in 2017 from 764 JPY/Hour in 2014. Minimum Wages in Germany grew to 8.84 EUR/Hour in 2017 from 8.5 EUR/Hour in 2015. France Minimum Wages went up to 1480.27 EUR/Month in Jun 2017 from 1457.52 EUR/Month in Dec 2015. Minimum Wages in the United Kingdom rose to 7.5 GBP/Hour in 2017 from 7.2 GBP/Hour in 2016.