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Mauritania GDP was last reported at 5.02 USD Billion. It ranks as the world's 41st lowest recorded gdp. Source: World Bank. Current USD.
Mauritania Inflation Rate latest value is 3.40 percent, it is ranked as the 73rd world's highest inflation rate. Source: ONS, Mauritania. 2002=100.
Mauritania Interest Rate was last reported at 9.00 percent. It ranks as the world's 38th highest recorded interest rate. Source: Central Bank of Mauritania.
Mauritania Population stands at 4.40 Million. Source: World Bank.
Mauritania Unemployment Rate latest value is 11.80 percent, it is ranked as the 40th world's highest unemployment rate. Source: International Labour Organization (ILO).
GDP in Mauritania grew to 5.02 USD Billion from 4.74 USD Billion. Inflation Rate went down to 3.40 percent from 3.60 percent in Jun 2018. Interest Rate was reported at 9.00 percent. Population grew to 4.40 Million from 4.30 Million and Unemployment Rate went up to 11.80 percent from 11.66 percent in 2016.

GDP all-time average stands at 1.57 USD Billion and it's projection for 2018 is 5. Inflation Rate averaged 5.42 percent since Apr 2003 and is projected to be 3.2 in Aug 2018. Interest Rate is forecasted to be 9 in 09/30/2018. The Population all-time average stands at 2.18 Million and it's projection for 2018 is 4.52. Unemployment Rate averaged 13.41 percent since 1988 and is projected to be 11.7 in 2018.