Countries With Lowest Wage Growth - Bottom 10 World

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Wage Growth Latest Reference
Euro Area

France Monthly Wages Growth QoQ stands at 0.40 percent. Source: DARES, France. NSA. Forecast: 0.3546 percent.
Germany Real Wage Growth YoY latest value is 0.50 percent. Source: Statistisches Bundesamt. NSA, 2010=100. Forecast: 0.6303 percent.
Switzerland Nominal Wage Growth was last reported at 0.80 percent. Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 0.8791 percent.
Japan Total Cash Earnings Growth stands at 1.10 percent. Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan. NSA. Forecast: 1.7252 percent.
Cyprus Wage Growth latest value is 1.40 percent. Source: Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus. NSA. Forecast: 1.1463 percent.
Euro Area Wage Growth was last reported at 1.90 percent. Source: Eurostat. WDA. Forecast: 1.5712 percent.
Italy Hourly Wage Inflation YoY stands at 1.90 percent. Source: National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). 2010=100; NSA. Forecast: 1.9213 percent.
Netherlands Hourly Wage Growth YoY latest value is 2.27 percent. Source: Statistics Netherlands. NSA. Forecast: 2.284 percent.
Australia Annual Change in Hourly Rates of Pay was last reported at 2.30 percent. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2008-2009= 100; SA. Forecast: 2.3314 percent.
Norway Wages in Manufacturing YoY stands at 2.42 percent. Source: Statistics Norway. NSA. Forecast: 1.5966 percent.
The country with lowest Wage Growth is France (0.40 percent in Q2 2018) followed by Germany (0.50 percent in Q2 2018) in the second position and Switzerland (0.80 percent in Q2 2018) in the third.