Countries With Lowest Tourism Revenues - Bottom 10 World

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Tourism Revenues Latest Reference
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom

Egypt Tourism Revenues latest value is 5.40 USD Billion. Source: Ministry of Tourism, Egypt. Forecast: 6.9668 USD Billion.
Bhutan Tourism Revenues was last reported at 13.10 USD Million. Source: Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Forecast: 12.2 USD Million.
Sri Lanka Tourism Revenues stands at 322.70 USD Million. Source: Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Forecast: 335 USD Million.
Fiji Tourism Revenues latest value is 471.50 FJD Million. Source: Fiji Bureau of Statistics. Forecast: 452.4 FJD Million.
Greece Tourism Receipts was last reported at 483.70 EUR Million. Source: Bank of Greece. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 551.6 EUR Million.
Turkey Tourism Revenues stands at 1234.00 USD Million. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 1658 USD Million.
Portugal Tourism Revenues latest value is 1336.59 EUR Million. Source: Banco de Portugal. NSA. Forecast: 1344.8098 EUR Million.
United Kingdom Tourism Revenues was last reported at 2050.00 GBP Million. Source: Office for National Statistics. NSA. Forecast: 1962.7137 GBP Million.
Italy Tourism Revenues stands at 3512.75 EUR Million. Source: Banca d'Italia. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 3677.7018 EUR Million.
Switzerland Tourism Revenues latest value is 3790.73 CHF Million. Source: Swiss National Bank. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 3869.8093 CHF Million.
The country with lowest Tourism Revenues is Turkey (1234.00 USD Million in Mar 2017) followed by Bhutan (13.10 USD Million in Apr 2017) in the second position and Portugal (1336.59 EUR Million in May 2017) in the third.