Countries With Lowest Terms Of Trade - Bottom 10 World

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Terms Of Trade Latest Reference
El Salvador

Algeria Terms Of Trade latest value is 5.30 Index Points. Source: Office National des Statistiques (ONS). NSA. Forecast: 5.0177 Index Points.
Mexico Terms of Trade was last reported at 49.01 Index Points. Source: Banco de México. NSA, 1980=100. Forecast: 48.4685 Index Points.
Pakistan Terms of Trade stands at 59.20 Index Points. Source: State Bank of Pakistan. NSA, 1990/91=100. Forecast: 57.1794 Index Points.
Jordan Terms of Trade latest value is 64.10 Index Points. Source: Central Bank of Jordan. NSA, 1994=100. Forecast: 69.9846 Index Points.
India Terms of Trade was last reported at 71.10 Index Points. Source: Reserve Bank of India. 1999-2000=100, NSA. Forecast: 81.1431 Index Points.
Kenya Terms Of Trade stands at 75.00 Index points. Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. 2009=100. Forecast: 80.826 Index points.
El Salvador Terms Of Trade latest value is 77.57 Index Points. Source: The Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador. NSA, 1995=000. Forecast: 78.033 Index Points.
Bangladesh Terms of Trade was last reported at 86.05 Index Points. Source: Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh. 2005-2006=000. Forecast: 87.6934 Index Points.
Australia Terms of Trade stands at 89.10 Index Points. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. NSA, 2011/2012=100. Forecast: 110.5665 Index Points.
Ireland Terms of Trade latest value is 91.50 Index Points. Source: Central Statistics Office Ireland. 2010=100, NSA. Forecast: 97.1269 Index Points.
The country with lowest Terms Of Trade is Mexico (49.01 Index Points in Apr 2018) followed by Algeria (5.30 Index Points in 2012) in the second position and Pakistan (59.20 Index Points in Q4 2017) in the third.