Countries With Lowest Personal Spending - Bottom 10 World

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Personal Spending Latest Reference
United States

France Household Consumption MoM stands at 0.10 percent. Source: INSEE, France. SA. Forecast: 0.0278 percent.
United States Personal Spending latest value is 0.40 percent. Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 0.3881 percent.
Thailand Personal Spending was last reported at 0.00 percent. Source: Bank of Thailand. SA. Forecast: 0.0167 percent.
Portugal Private Consumption YoY stands at 1.80 percent. Source: Banco de Portugal. NSA. Forecast: 1.5577 percent.
Netherlands Household Consumption YoY latest value is 1.90 percent. Source: Statistics Netherlands. WDA. Forecast: 2.3865 percent.
The country with lowest Personal Spending is Thailand (0.00 percent in Jun 2018) followed by France (0.10 percent in Jun 2018) in the second position and the United States (0.40 percent in Jun 2018) in the third.