Countries With Lowest New Orders - Bottom 10 World

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New Orders Latest Reference

France New Orders Received was last reported at -11.50 Index Points. Source: INSEE, France. Seasonally Adjusted. Forecast: -11.6306 Index Points.
Spain New Orders stands at -6.00 Index Points. Source: Bank of Spain. NSA. Forecast: 1.8656 Index Points.
Greece New Orders latest value is -3.00 percent. Source: Bank of Greece. NSA. Forecast: -18.8757 percent.
Denmark New Orders Received - Previous 3 Months was last reported at 12.00 Index Points. Source: Statistics Denmark. NSA. Forecast: 14.5486 Index Points.
Australia Expected New Orders - Next 3 Months stands at 31.00 Index Points. Source: Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SA. Forecast: 30.1016 Index Points.
China New Orders latest value is 50.80 Index Points. Source: National Bureau of Statistics of China. SA. Forecast: 50.6823 Index Points.
Italy Industrial New Orders was last reported at 74.90 Index Points. Source: National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT). 2015=100, NSA. Forecast: 115.9095 Index Points.
Luxembourg New Orders stands at 83.40 Index Points. Source: STATEC, Luxembourg. Volume Index, NSA. Forecast: 92.1007 Index Points.
Ireland New Orders latest value is 93.40 Index Points. Source: Central Statistics Office Ireland. Seasonally Adjusted. Forecast: 97.6694 Index Points.
Hungary New Orders was last reported at 98.70 Index Points. Source: Hungarian Central Statistical Office. Volume Index, NSA. Forecast: 107.4304 Index Points.
The country with lowest New Orders is France (-11.50 Index Points in Oct 2018) followed by Greece (-3.00 percent in Aug 2018) in the second position and Spain (-6.00 Index Points in Aug 2018) in the third.