Countries With Lowest Loan Growth - Bottom 10 World

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Loan Growth Latest Reference
Saudi Arabia
Euro Area
Papua New Guinea
United Arab Emirates

Greece Credit Expansion YoY latest value is -3.20 percent. Source: Bank of Greece. Forecast: -3.1862 percent.
Portugal Loan Growth YoY was last reported at -0.40 percent. Source: Banco de Portugal. NSA. Forecast: -0.3725 percent.
Saudi Arabia Bank Lending Growth stands at 0.60 percent. Source: Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency. Current Prices, NSA. Forecast: 0.7192 percent.
Spain Loan Growth latest value is 0.60 percent. Source: Bank of Spain. Forecast: 0.6071 percent.
Brazil Loan Growth was last reported at 0.70 percent. Source: Banco Central do Brasil. Forecast: 0.2172 percent.
Kuwait Loan Growth stands at 1.60 percent. Source: Central Bank of Kuwait. NSA. Forecast: 0.6079 percent.
Japan Bank Lending latest value is 2.00 percent. Source: Bank of Japan. Forecast: 2.2565 percent.
Euro Area Household Credit Growth was last reported at 2.90 percent. Source: European Central Bank. Current Prices, SA. Forecast: 2.9 percent.
Papua New Guinea Loan Growth stands at 3.30 percent. Source: Bank of Papua New Guinea. Forecast: -0.3817 percent.
United Arab Emirates Loan Growth latest value is 3.40 percent. Source: Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. Forecast: 3.1922 percent.
The country with lowest Loan Growth is Portugal (-0.40 percent in May 2018) followed by Greece (-3.20 percent in May 2018) in the second position and Saudi Arabia (0.60 percent in Jun 2018) in the third.