Countries With Lowest Job Vacancies - Bottom 10 World

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Job Vacancies Latest Reference
New Zealand

Romania Job Vacancies Rate latest value is 1.20 percent. Source: Institutul National de Statistica. NSA. Forecast: 1.163 percent.
Estonia Job Vacancies was last reported at 4.82 Thousand. Source: Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 5.327 Thousand.
Chile Job Vacancies Index stands at 21.20 Index Points. Source: Central Bank of Chile. Volume Index, SA. Forecast: 22.1649 Index Points.
Spain Job Vacancies latest value is 47.98 Thousand. Source: Instituto de Empleo, Servicio Publico de Empleo Estatal, Spain. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 62.8102 Thousand.
Poland Job Vacancies was last reported at 110.60 Thousand. Forecast: 109.4504 Thousand.
Iceland Job Vacancies stands at 151.00. Source: Directorate of Labour, Iceland. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 129.5832.
New Zealand Job Vacancies latest value is 190.92 Index Points. Source: MBIE, New Zealand. 2007M5 = 100, SA. Forecast: 192.8702 Index Points.
Australia Job Vacancies was last reported at 234.20 Thousand. Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Volume, SA. Forecast: 245.5658 Thousand.
Netherlands Job Vacancies stands at 260.60 Thousand. Source: Statistics Netherlands. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 252.9381 Thousand.
France Job Vacancies latest value is 295.60 Thousand. Source: DARES, France. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 290.3133 Thousand.
The country with lowest Job Vacancies is Romania (1.20 percent in Q1 2018) followed by Poland (110.60 Thousand in Jun 2018) in the second position and Iceland (151.00 undefined in Jul 2018) in the third.