Countries With Lowest Job Offers - Bottom 10 World

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Job Offers Latest Reference
United States

United States Job Openings stands at 6662.00 Thousand. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. SA. Forecast: 6866.0814 Thousand.
Switzerland Job Openings latest value is 70578.00. Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office. NSA. Forecast: 71172.4459.
Russia Job Offers was last reported at 1526865.00 Persons. Source: The Federal Service of Labour and Employment. NSA. Forecast: 1583651.128 Persons.
The country with lowest Job Offers is Russia (1526865.00 Persons in May 2018) followed by the United States (6662.00 Thousand in Jun 2018) in the second position and Switzerland (70578.00 undefined in Q1 2018) in the third.