Countries With Lowest Housing Starts - Bottom 10 World

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Housing Starts Latest Reference
United States

Japan Housing Starts was last reported at -7.10 percent. Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs & Comm., Japan. NSA. Forecast: -5.8993 percent.
Spain Housing Starts stands at 0.89 Thousand units. Source: Ministerio de Fomento. NSA. Forecast: 0.8026 Thousand units.
Belgium Housing Starts latest value is 3.81 Thousand. Source: National Bank of Belgium. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 3.5381 Thousand.
Russia Area of Total Dwellings Commenced was last reported at 5.00 Million Sq Meter. Source: Federal State Statistics Service. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 6.9393 Million Sq Meter.
Sweden Housing Starts stands at 12.67 Thousand units. Source: Statistics Sweden. NSA. Forecast: 14.1954 Thousand units.
Canada Housing Starts latest value is 206.30 Thousand units. Source: Canada Mortgage And Housing Corporation. Volume, SA. Forecast: 229.4399 Thousand units.
Kyrgyzstan Housing Starts was last reported at 560.00 units. Source: National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic. NSA. Forecast: 696.5348 units.
Bulgaria Residential Buildings Started stands at 723.00 units. Source: National Statistical Institute, Bulgaria. NSA. Forecast: 802.7699 units.
United States Housing Starts latest value is 1168.00 Thousand units. Source: U.S. Census Bureau. Volume, SA. Forecast: 1256.5595 Thousand units.
Denmark Housing Starts was last reported at 1450.00. Source: Statistics Denmark. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 1958.7709.
The country with lowest Housing Starts is Japan (-7.10 percent in Jun 2018) followed by Spain (0.89 Thousand units in Mar 2018) in the second position and the United States (1168.00 Thousand units in Jul 2018) in the third.