Countries With Lowest GDP Deflator - Bottom 10 World

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GDP Deflator Latest Reference

Portugal GDP Deflator YoY was last reported at 0.60 percent. Source: Statistics Portugal. Price Index, NSA. Forecast: 0.5 percent.
Latvia GDP Deflator stands at 1.17 percent. Source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Forecast: 1.182 percent.
Brazil GDP Deflator latest value is 8.30 percent. Source: Banco Central do Brasil. NSA. Forecast: 5.54 percent.
Qatar GDP Deflator was last reported at 76.90 Index Points. Source: Qatar Statistics Authority. 100=2013. Forecast: 92.2 Index Points.
Malta GDP Deflator stands at 83.92 Index Points. Source: National Statistics Office, Malta. NSA. Forecast: 85.3 Index Points.
Greece GDP Deflator latest value is 95.34 Index Points. Source: National Statistical Service of Greece. Forecast: 97.12 Index Points.
Switzerland GDP Deflator was last reported at 98.70 Index Points. Source: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs. 2010=100, SA. Forecast: 98.8 Index Points.
Ireland GDP Deflator stands at 99.98 Index Points. Source: Central Bank of Ireland. NSA. Forecast: 96.3691 Index Points.
Norway GDP Deflator latest value is 100.39 Index Points. Source: Statistics Norway. Seasonally Adjusted. Forecast: 101.4024 Index Points.
Kyrgyzstan GDP Deflator was last reported at 100.40 Index Points. Source: National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. Forecast: 101 Index Points.
The country with lowest GDP Deflator is Portugal (0.60 percent in Q1 2017) followed by Latvia (1.17 percent in Q1 2017) in the second position and Norway (100.39 Index Points in Q1 2017) in the third.