Countries With Lowest Employed Persons - Bottom 10 World

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Employed Persons Latest Reference
Euro Area

Vietnam Employed Persons was last reported at 54.10 Million. Source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam. Forecast: 54.1885 Million.
Uruguay Employed Persons stands at 57.60 percent. Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Uruguay. NSA. Forecast: 57.4168 percent.
Bangladesh Employed Persons latest value is 60.80 Million. Source: Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 61.6736 Million.
Russia Employed Persons was last reported at 73.40 Million. Source: Federal State Statistics Service. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 73.4901 Million.
Brazil Employed Persons stands at 92.08 Million. Source: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE). Volume, NSA. Forecast: 92.2799 Million.
Barbados Employed Persons latest value is 130.90 Thousand. Source: Central Bank Of Barbados. NSA. Forecast: 129.6068 Thousand.
Belize Employed Persons was last reported at 150.10 Thousand. Source: Central Bank of Belize. Forecast: 150.5841 Thousand.
Euro Area Employed Persons stands at 157.98 Million. Source: European Central Bank. Volume, SA. Forecast: 157.3232 Million.
Cyprus Employed Persons latest value is 367.30 Thousand. Source: Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 374.5576 Thousand.
Macau Employed Persons was last reported at 385.40 Thousand. Source: Statistics and Census Service, Government of Macao SAR. Volume, NSA. Forecast: 385.8265 Thousand.
The country with lowest Employed Persons is Barbados (130.90 Thousand in Q2 2018) followed by Belize (150.10 Thousand in 2017) in the second position and the Euro Area (157.98 Million in Q2 2018) in the third.