Countries With Lowest Economic Optimism Index - Bottom 10 World

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Economic Optimism Index Latest Reference
Euro Area
European Union
United States

United States IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index stands at 55.10. Source: Technometrica Market Intelligence/The Investor's Business Daily. Forecast: 51.7473.
Turkey Economic Confidence Index latest value is 95.00 Index points. Source: Turkish Statistical Institute. Forecast: 94.5832 Index points.
Slovakia Economic Optimism Index was last reported at 103.30 Index points. Source: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. Forecast: 101.5597 Index points.
Latvia Economic Sentiment Indicator stands at 108.40. Source: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. SA. Forecast: 108.2567.
Albania Economic Sentiment Index latest value is 110.70. Source: Bank of Albania. Forecast: 107.6083.
European Union Economic Sentiment Indicator was last reported at 115.90. Source: European Commission. SA. Forecast: 116.2001.
Euro Area Economic Sentiment Indicator stands at 116.00. Source: European Commission. SA. Forecast: 116.3032.
Israel Composite State-of-the-Economy Index latest value is 125.40 Index Points. Source: Bank of Israel. 2011=100, NSA. Forecast: 125.7212 Index Points.
The country with lowest Economic Optimism Index is Slovakia (103.30 Index points in Dec 2017) followed by Latvia (108.40 undefined in Dec 2017) in the second position and Albania (110.70 undefined in Q4 2017) in the third.